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Posted: Tháng Năm 11, 2009 in Báo chí viết, Nhật ký, Tin Còi Xương Shop
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“Rock out” with clothes and accessories from the Coi Xuong shop. The capital’s heavy-metal and hard-rock fashion and accessories shop makes Hanoi the Vietnamese Mecca for rock fans.

The Coi Xuong Shop in Hanoi has one of the best ranges of metal and alternative rock gear in the country

There’s an extensive array of gear to satisfy any lover of hardcore music.

Founded in 2003, the Coi Xuong Shop is known by most of the local rock fans and musicians. One of the very first rock shops in the country, Coi Xuong aims to keep track of the latest trends and subcultures connected to the underground world of metal.

Their slogan is “We sell all from HELL!” Coi Xuong is constantly adding new stuff to their shelves such as T-shirts, hoodies, accessories, music and footwear. A majority of items are imported from Thailand while others are locally produced. The shop stocks an extensive selection of CDs, DVDs, vinyl, guitars, and especially Vietnamese-language rock magazines for the local crowd who want to keep up with the latest events.

The idea of opening the Coi Xuong shop came from the owner’s passion for rock. Shop owner Tran Anh Tuan said that he had helped make several rock websites and wanted to do something “for the fans out there.”

The name “Coi Xuong” refers to “skeleton” – an idea familiar with rock, he said.

Rock fanatics can transform a room, bedroom, or rehearsal room into a rock festival with Coi Xuong’s huge collection of posters featuring world-famous rock bands and local acts.

Legendary guitar names like Gibson or Fender are also on sale for reasonable prices between US$300 and $500. “We give all of our guitars a little love. Every one of them has been removed from the packing, inspected, set-up, played and kept in a stable humidity environment,” Tuan said.

If you are a fan of Rock Storm, a local cross-country tour that features professional and amateur rockers, Coi Xuong shop is the place to be. They sell Rock Storm keys, caps, T-shirts, and cup for souvenir too.

Rock you at www.coixuongshop.com or visit No 3/154, Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi to explore more…

Reported by Thuy Nhien


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